Our standard Outage windows are as follows:

  • Saturday 10:00PM - Sunday noon
  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings before 8:00AM
  • Holidays and Breaks

NOTE: These are general outage windows. For some services, these outage windows may not be appropriate, and another time may be chosen. Network Engineering will work with affected units to minimize outage impact on their operations.

Maintenance that does not cause service interruption may be performed at other times, depending on the scope and potential impact of the change.

All planned outages will be announced no later than two (2) business days before the outage. Emergency outages may need to be performed at other times and will be announced as soon as possible.

All outages will be announced on the Outages mailing list and will be posted to the Outages Log here: http://intranet.nws.oregonstate.edu/blog/archives/category/enterprise-network/outage-announcements

Maintenance work that is non service-impacting will be announced to the Maintenance Log, posted here: http://intranet.nws.oregonstate.edu/blog/archives/category/enterprise-network/maintenance