The Oregon State University policy on Network Administration 08-010 can be found at This policy explicitly states that Information Services is responsible for the university network and empowers Information Services to manage the network in a secure manner. That responsibility includes ensuring all devices are appropriately authorized to be on the network and the authority to remove devices that compromise the security of the network or are in violation of university policy.

 ⇛ This policy outlines

  • Responsibility for maintaining the security and integrity of the university network.
  • Behaviors that are barred or expected of anyone connecting to the network.

Information Services is responsible for the university network.

If you connect to the university network, you MUST

Authenticate or register your device. This can be done by logging in through an official OSU account (such as your student or staff account), by registering your device directly with Information Services or by having a recognized representative of the university register your device.

If you connect to the university network, you MUST NOT

Disrupt or degrade the university network.

The Oregon State University network connects people within the university and with the rest of the world. The university network includes all networks, except the Guest network, at all Oregon State locations.

Only Information Services and those it authorizes may

Install, configure and maintain network hardware and software.

Systems and devices on the university network

  • Systems connected to the wired network must be authorized.
  • Systems connected to the wired network must meet configuration standards.
  • Hardware and software must meet defined standards.
  • Wi-Fi infrastructure on the university network must be installed and maintained by Information Services
  • Where Wi-Fi managed by Information Services is available, access points managed locally must be removed.

Information Services will

  • Appoint, and maintain a list of, network administrators.
  • Maintain a record of all devices registered or authorized to use the network.
  • Monitor performance and security of the network.
  • Notify users of any interfering devices that might impact the network.
  • Install and maintain Wi-Fi.
  • Disable network access to a device if we determine the device is misconfigured or compromised.
  • Disable network access to an individual if we determine they are acting in ways that violate university policy.


The Vice Provost of Information Services may grant exceptions to the requirements in this policy. If you would like to request an exception, please begin by contacting the Office of Information Security.

Purpose of this policy

This policy identifies which university roles are responsible for the wired and wireless networks at Oregon State. It also specifies certain behavioral expectations for anyone who connects to the OSU network.

Read the full policy here.