Titlesort descending Status Status Summary Reported
5th Site Nolij Web Cancelled

Both OIT and SOU have budget restrictions which has made each school decide to pursue their projects as they can using only their own internal resources.  OIT implemented the Admissions/REG/DistanceEd workflow as designed, and is planning to attempt a Financial Aid workflow next.  SOU has a Student Success workflow almost finished, and plans to work on an AP workflow next.

Acquia Migration Completed

All CWS Drupal 7 sites have been moved from local servers to the Acquia Cloud.

The College of Agricultural Sciences has moved their D7 presence from the CWS hosting environment to the Acquia Cloud.

Outreach and Extension is in the process of moving from the CWS D7 hosting environment to the Acquia Cloud.

Automic Workload Automation (Appworx Replacement) Completed

All workflows have been successfully migrated from Appworx to AWA and Appworx was retired on October 30, 2020, as scheduled

Banner 9 Deployment Completed

All Banner 9 modules have been implemented including all modified and custom forms.  Banner 8 was disabled on January 1, 2019.  All deliverable have been completed.

Approximately 50% of the modifications and custom objects have gone back to baseline or been deprecated. 

Benny Hire Completed

Benny Hire Project is closing out with presentation of the post implementation reports for phase 2-hourly students and phase 3-student changes in the works with the project team and executive steering committee.    


Box Implementation Completed

Project is closing.

Canvas Implementation Completed

The Canvas Implementation Project is complete, and Blackboard has been retired. Project retrospective and closeout activities were finished in the second week of December. A project summary report has been completed.

CORE Completed

All major deliverables have been completed.  Additional reports and Jaspersoft domains / topics will be done as part of ongoing operations. 

Drupal 7 Migration On Hold

A cloud vendor has been selected, and has posted as a sole source bid which should wrap up by the end of the week.  The UHDS site has been passed to the client for testing.

EAB-SSC Technical Implementation Completed

Product has been delivered.

Enrollment Management Chatbot Completed

We launched meltbot, now known publicly as "Chat with Benny", one day ahead of schedule on April 30, 2019. So far many students are engaging with the bot to ask questions and find answers related to the next steps for admitted students in the matriculation process. We are monitoring usage and analytics. See project website: https://is.oregonstate.edu/dx/benny

eProcurement (BennyBuy) Completed

Project completed.

Procurement management decided that the Sourcing module would not meet their needs.  Canceled that module.

TCM module completed in July.  Resolution to the documents issue underway - files sent on flash drive to vendor for upload to their system directly.  Now an Operational issue.

eRA Research Office Software Deployment Green

Updated schedule on 04/08/2019: (Puneet Wahi)

COI: In production

IRB: In production 

IACUC:  In production

ARC: Go-Live 06/30

We have completed work on the three modules (COI, IACUC, IRB). While COI and IRB modules have moved into support from the CSR, IACUC is still being supported /monitored by the iMedRIS project management. We have kicked off work on the last remaining modules (ARC) week of April 1.  Completed identifying stakeholders, finalizing the project plan built.  Next steps will include a review of the ARM system capabilities, analysis of ARC module and departmental processes; capture any gaps and improvement opportunities within the ARC module, setting up the system in the iMedRIS Development Environment. 

eSignature Completed

The implementation of DocuSign, as OSU's electronic signature service, is now complete.  The system is being migrated to long term maintenance status.

Hyland OnBase Deployment Completed

The last remaining migration is for Human Resources

IAM - Account Unification Completed

Since the reamining accounts to be unified are less than 100, this project is officially closing and remaining accounts will be handled as part of the Exchange Online project.

IAM - Sponsored and Guest Accounts Cancelled

IAM continues to create sponsored accounts for departments as requested.  The Internet2 TIER Release 1 has been released.  After upgrading the currently components, IAM will investigate the included tools for person registrity functions for feature fit and suitability.  This work will likely not occur until late summer. 

Load Balancer Migration Completed

All services have been moved from Brocade to Netscaler load balancers, known bad addresses are being blocked, and the Brocade equipment has been turned off and sent to surplus.

Localist Event Calendar Deployment Completed

Support has successfully transitioned to the Service Desk and the old calendar was decommissioned on July 16th, completing the deployment project.

Microsoft Bookings Implementation for Academic Advisors Completed
  1. OSU Employees have access to Bookings through newly associated Microsoft licenses as of July 28th, 2020.
  2. Initial Bookings Knowledge Base articles are published. IS Bookings website created.
  3. IT Pros and Service Desk technicians have access to a mini-training on Bookings via Canvas as of August 5th.
  4. Three Bookings Implementation Workshops for academic advisors and their IT supports were offered in August.
  5. Advanced Integrations and Data Reporting needs are being explored with academic advising units.
  6. TimeTrade access expired on Aug 21st for users that did not renew for the 2020-2021 AY.
  7. 98% of undergraduate academic advisors have transitioned to Bookings by the start of Fall 2021.


Mobile App Completed

Phase 2 is COMPLETE! 

All but 2 (course catalog, and financial aid) integrated modules have been implemented, and financial aid is well underway.  Course catalog will likely be offered using the new Leepfrog application.

The app is stable, and critical functionality has all been delivered.  We will now move from the development to maintainence phase for the core product.  Substantial new initiatives will be part of the "Digital Experience" initiative.


Multifactor Authentication (Duo) Completed

Project is complete.  As of 2/25 - 99.6% of enrolled active students were registered for Duo. 

New Core Migration Completed

Only about 250 devices left on the old core. Slowly moving toward the end goal!  End-of-Life of the Old Core network has been announced as June 30, 2018...

Office 365 Cancelled

After reviewing deliverables, we determined a separate project is no longer necessary and have chosen to close this project.

A supportable enablement process was successfully created. Enablement occurs as campus users meet the requirements for enablement.  The remaining deliverables are either not necessary at this time or will be addressed through other projects such as account unification and Box deployment.

OSU Access Retirement Cancelled

Aside from a planned retirement of OSU_Access at the OSU Cascades resident halls later this winter, this project is on hold pending rescoping.  It will remain on hold until June 30 2019.

CANCELLED August 2019.  OSU_Access had been removed from administrative locations and an alternate solution implemented in dormitories.  It is still in use for various isolated needs (mostly IOT and/or very old devices).  A separate project will be launched if further changes are implemented.

OSU Home Page Completed

Development is complete and the new home page has launched.  Shortly after launch Interactive Communications began work on designs for a new Drupal theme and some accompanying functionality.

Research Network Completed

The core fabric is now carrying research traffic and we are collecting routing performance statistics. Steve Wolbers has started documenting the on-boarding process and is investigating how to approach additional research projects. The draft final report for the grant was accepted by the PI and has been submitted to the NSF.

Student Dashboard (DX) Completed

The dashboard was quietly launched on December 2 at my.oregonstate.edu. Stakeholders (faculty and staff primarily in student-facing roles) have been notified. Testing with small student populations (starting with Service Desk student employees) is underway. We are monitoring user feedback, bug reports, and application performance. Broad communication to students will take place after January 1. This project is being marked complete. Additional features for the student dashboard will be slipstreamed on a repeating basis. 

Systems Security Project Completed

Data /  Project being turned over to Office of Information Security for policy development and operational functions.

TeamDynamix / IT Service Management Completed

Starting the process for on-boarding CORE / Institutional Analytics and Reporting.

Asset management for Service Desk is close to rollout. Service Desk staff have access and are associating assets to tickets. Expanding the information to pull in Campus Labs assets.

Change Management - 1st draft of "Standard change" form with attributes is done.

HelpDocs transition to TDx Knowledgebase is moving, slowly.

Continued refinements for groups - intake forms, attributes, e-mail formatting.

Voicemail Replacement Completed
  • Cutover Completed per schedule
VPN Replacement Completed

VPN cutover successful.  No users currently using nor have there been requests for systems to continue to connect.  Old server will be disconnected Oct 12. 



Zoom Deployment Completed

Zoom was successfully deployed as of 5/28/19.  Webex was retired as of 7/31/19.  Enhanced use with room systems was announced on 9/25, allowing IT groups to configure a one-touch to connect experience.  Zoom deployment is complete.