Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Dan Hough
Division of Finance & Administration
Monday, May 10, 2021

The project team is charged with redesigning the performance evaluation process and system for the OSU IT and Controller’s units within the broader context of the OSU Talent Management Initiative. In doing so the project team will develop, communicate, and implement a clear, consistent and customer-focused program using the best available tools and technologies that will then inform and create a roadmap for the broader Talent Management Initiative Performance Management Project that will commence for all appointment types across the university in the coming future.

Status Summary: 

The project team has initiated an informal RFP process to obtain an IT solution for the redesigned performance management process. A vendor has been selected and we are moving forward with contract negotiation. 

The pilot is expected to be launched in summer of 2021 for professional faculty and classified employees in  OSU IT and Controller Units.

Recently Completed: 

Communications plan has been developed.

Informal RFP process is concluding. Vendor selected for new performance management system. 

Rating Scales for professional faculty are in development/review.



What's Next: 

Complete contract negotiation phase with selected vendor.

Implementation of new IT system.

Internal resource development (continuous)

Recommend standardized and more meaningful performance rating scale to senior advisory group and project sponsors. Develop a process to calibrate rating scales across the pilot population.