Oregon State University is the owner of all institutional data available in all-types of university electronic storage systems. An individual’s access to university data is on a need-to-know basis, having access to information necessary for performing business functions. There are two central systems for accessing university data and information:

Administrative data systems

The need for access to university Administrative Data Systems is generally identified in an individual’s job description. Requests for systems access is through completion of the Request for Access form. This form covers access requests for student, human resources and finance information systems.  


OSU's Cooperative Open Reporting Environment (CORE) system provides a uniform reporting platform for the university community. Access to CORE is an automatic assignment-based process determined by an employee’s position classification or job profile. Security (access) Levels for all positions to Data Areas were defined by the university’s Data Stewards with an incorporation of overrides based on individual Banner access security groups. However, access to Student Data beyond the default, requires completion of the Registrar’s Student Data Request for Access form. To learn more about the CORE assignment-based access, see CORE Access and Security.

Other Systems

In addition to these central data sources, there are various cases where a college or business unit may have need for institutional data within their business units. There are many considerations and responsibilities that accompany this type of data access. An overview of the process and related resources are presented below.