To enable data-driven decision making campus-wide by balancing the security and privacy of data and the availability of data. 



In aligning with the priorities established for Oregon State University, the mission of the Data Governance Program is to allow for and facilitate campus-wide data-driven decision making.

The program seeks to:

  • Identify what data sources exist today and/or what data sources OSU should capture
  • Define who within OSU is responsible and accountable for the management of that data



OSU strives to be a data-driven university, giving members of the community immediate access to information that allows informed decisions, planning and action.

We must balance an environment of university-wide access to data and information while ensuring the security and appropriate use.

There should be a single truth so that all parts of the university are using the same references.



Data is a strategic asset of the university, but only to the extent that it is available, accurate and actionable.

All data and information are owned by the university.

We will trust our employees, and also have the highest expectations for appropriate use and care of data.