Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Pete Pavey
Information Services
Monday, May 14, 2018

Deploy the next generation of Banner software.  This project includes working with administrative units to review and verify the need for local customizations previously implemented in Banner 8, returning to baseline solutions where possible.

Status Summary: 

The HR/Payroll Team implemented Banner 9 Payroll and Position Control on February 28th.  HR is satisfied with the new software.  The Payroll Team reported data entry slowness.  Ellucian has not delivered bug fixes for Banner 9 Financial Aid yet but announced they would be available by the end of June.  ECS will be on a two week Banner 9 sprint cycle followed by one week of work on other projects through mid-August.

At present, approximately 47% of the modifications and custom objects will go back to baseline or be deprecated. 8% of the modifications and custom objects are still being reviewed.

Recently Completed: 

Banner 9 HR/Payroll administrative applications are implemented and in production.

92% of the analysis for all modifications and custom objects for the Administrative Pages (aka INB) have been completed.

What's Next: 

Enrollment Management and Student A/R will make the transition in August of 2018.

Finance is expecting to complete the migration by September 4, 2018.