Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Diana Lindsley
Business Affairs
Thursday, April 4, 2019

Development and deployment of an eProcurement system that will offer an online shopping environment for OSU’s contracted goods and services, while providing simultaneous access to enabled catalogs for searches across multiple suppliers and catalogs. The eProcurement system will cover the entire source to settlement process including: Supplier Information Management, Sourcing and Contract Management, online marketplace, Accounts Payable and Spend and Performance Analysis. Advancement Phase of project to increase user adoption, training and communications.  Phase 2 to implement Sourcing and Contract Management, as well as Fund/Org security.

Status Summary: 

Lack of resources on user side has caused lack of progress on Contract Module;  walkthrough scheduled for April 9

Once walkthrough complete, may need changes based on feedback

Recently Completed: 

Project Review document completed and sent to Executive Steering Committee

TCM module configured until walkthrough feedback

Tip sheets for users drafted


What's Next: 

Any configuration changes based on walkthrough feedback; training Procurement and Contract staff on new module

Implementation of Contract Request process and Contract module tentatively scheduled for mid May

Implement fund / org security in conjunction with new security process - dependent on OnBase project