Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Chris Young
Research Office
Monday, August 13, 2018

The electronic Research Administration (eRA) project will replace a host of aging systems and manual processes with a single, cloud-based solution for managing Conflicts of Interest (COI), human subjects research (IRB),  animal subjects research (IACUC), and live animal care (ARC).

Status Summary: 

We have kicked off work on the three remaining modules (IACUC, IRB, ARC).  Work continues on the IACUC module build.  All forms, form logic, and form workflows are complete.  System configuration begins on 8/14.  IRB is nearing the end of the design and analysis phase and, vendor permitting, we have targeted the end of August to begin IRB form build within iRIS.  ARC is in the design and analysis phase.  46% of the project work has been completed as of 8/13.  The project status has been set to yellow to reflect the added risks to the project with the departures of the project sponsor (Cindy Sagers) and the project manager (Chris Young).  We can expect these departure to result in project delays.

Recently Completed: 

IRB: All IRB design and analysis documents except the test plan
IACUC: All process forms, form logic, and form workflow  
ARC: Process walkthrough

Project: We completed an onsite visit from our vendor during which we worked on IACUC forms and configuration and a demonstration of the new iRIS v. 11 software.  


What's Next: 

IACUC: vendor's seven configuration phases (a series of conference calls and tasks to complete the system setup)
IRB: Test planning; kickoff form build with iMedRIS
ARC: More design and analysis (meetings, agendas, document retention, training, test planning)