Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Hollie Pitts
Enterprise Computing Services
Monday, February 11, 2019

OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management system which OSU has licensed from Hyland Software, Inc. It will replace NolijWeb, our current Document Management System, providing not only document storage and retrieval capabilities, but also enhanced workflow functionality, better integration with other OSU software, and a strong forms tool that enables tight integration between web forms and OnBase. It is a solution hosted in the cloud by Hyland Cloud Services.

Status Summary: 

The majority of OnBase images migrated from NolijWeb have been verified to match the original NolijWeb image. The verification process should be completed this week.  Work continues on two implementations: the Registrar's basic implementation and the BennyBuy Access Request.


Recently Completed: 

Initial Nolij image load into OnBase was completed, and documents were returned to OSU for check sum verification. 

Hyland resolved the "export/import utility" failure  in UT.


What's Next: 

Test whether the "export/import utility" failure has been resolved in Prod.

Migrations:  Finalize the initial migration validation.  Migrate Nolij documents that had annotations. 

Registrar implementation:  Load document keywords, build user groups/rights, create a folder view for Registrar

Finalize coordination with CN to load the "Unity Client" to the necessary user's machines

BennyBuy Access Request build:  focus on the Unity form and workflow build; define user group permission sets, add users