Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Hollie Pitts
Enterprise Computing Services
Monday, September 10, 2018

OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management system which OSU has licensed from Hyland Software, Inc. It will replace NolijWeb, our current Document Management System, providing not only document storage and retrieval capabilities, but also enhanced workflow functionality, better integration with other OSU software, and a strong forms tool that enables tight integration between web forms and OnBase. It is a solution hosted in the cloud by Hyland Cloud Services.

Status Summary: 

We are preparing to begin migrating NolijWeb images to OnBase.  Purge routines are being developed and tested, departments and document types are being created in OnBase.


Recently Completed: 

The plan for the methodology for transmitting images to Hyland Global Cloud Services (GCS) has been modified.  We will transmit the documents to GCS on an encrypted hard drive.  An additional plan to have Hyland Global Cloud Services verify migrated documents is being negotiated.

The creation of the "burned in" images is completed, so they are ready to be migrated.

Work continues in creating and validating NolijWeb purge routines.

Department and document type set up has been initiated

What's Next: 

Finalize new migration plans with Hyland Global Cloud Services (GCS).  Continue purge routines, and begin document migration. 

Begin contacting NolijWeb departments to recreate an implementation schedule, and start specifications for each department.

Assess and choose initial "new implementations" and begin working with the related departments to define the requirements.

Three team members will be attending Hyland's conference, "Community Live" during the week of 9/10 - 9/14.