License Restrictions: 

    To purchase LinkedIn Learning for your staff and faculty cost is based on the groups 'Timesheet organization' count.  Student access is charged and granted on a per class per term basis.  If you are a student who believes that you should have access to LinkedIn Learning please reach out to your instructor.

    The following departments have licensed LinkedIn Learning:

    College of Business Students - Manual*
    School of Arts and Communication Students - Manual*
    Business Affairs - Controllers office Faculty/staff - automatic access
    Extended Campus Faculty/staff - Automatic access

    Art Students - Manual*

    Univ Fac Infra&Ops AdminSvcs Staff - Automatic
    Space Grant Staff - Automatic

    *To request access for these students in the School of Arts and Communication, College of Business, and Cascades Arts: Faculty members can request access for their students (each term) via an email to Software Licensing using the subject line: 'LinkedIn Learning access'.  Please include student name and ONID username; an Excel spreadsheet is preferable.

    Steps for accessing LinkedIn Learning can be found here.