Oregon State University participates in the Microsoft Campus and School Agreement (CASA) that provides software and client access licenses for Microsoft Software. This provides upgrade and downgrade rights for both the desktop Operating Systems and Productivity Suites.

The systems covered under this agreement are limited to OSU owned computers and devices.
Please see the License Restrictions section of this page for installation options on personal and student computers and devices.

Products Covered for installation on institutional computers

    Please contact your department's computer administrator for purchase/installation of the following:

  • Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (Upgrade/Downgrade Rights)
    Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office Productivity Suites (Upgrade/Downgrade Rights)
    Suite Includes: Word, Excel, Outlook (Entourage), Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, and OneNote.
    • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 (PC and Mac)
  • Additional Software: (Participating Departments Listed Below Only)
    • Microsoft Project
    • Microsoft Visio
  • Client Access Licenses:
    • Core Client Access Licenses
    • Enterprise Client Access Licenses


  • Desktop Bundle (Office Professional with Enterprise CALs) - $51.22/FTE
  • Microsoft Project - $4.82/FTE
  • Microsoft Visio - $4.06/FTE

Products Covered for installation on personal computers

License Restrictions: 

The basic Microsoft license covers the installation of desktop Operating Systems and Productivity Suites for faculty and staff of all departments on institutional computers only.  Add-ons only cover those departments that participate in the individual enrollments each year.  Add-on enrollment is available in the fall.

2018 Microsoft Campus and School Agreement (CASA) Add-On Participating Departments
The following departments have licensed the additional products of Visio and/or Project under the campus agreement.*
Department   Visio Project
Academic Program & Student Affairs Visio Project
Academic Technologies Visio Project
Agricultural Sciences & Marine Business Center Visio  
Agricultural Sciences Computer Services Visio  
Arts & Sciences Business Center Visio  
Associate Provost Enrollment Management Visio Project
Athletics Department Visio Project
Auxiliaries & Activities Business Center Visio  
Budget & Fiscal Planning Visio Project
Business Affairs Visio Project
Capital Planning & Development Visio Project
Cascades Executive Office Visio Project
Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Visio Project
Civil & Construction Engineering Visio Project
College Forests Visio Project
Community Network Visio Project
Community Relations & Administration Visio Project
Crop and Soil Science Visio Project
Department of Public Safety Visio  
Enrollment Management Information Technologies Visio Project
Enterprise Computing Services Visio  
Facilities, Operations & Maintenance Visio Project
Forest Ecosystems & Society Visio Project
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management Visio Project
Forestry Administration Visio Project
Forestry Extension Visio Project
Graduate School Administration Visio  
Hatfield Marine Science Center Visio Project
Health Human Science SW Outreach Visio  
Health Science Business Center Visio  
Human Resources Visio  
Information Services Central Administration Visio Project
Institutional Research Visio Project
Intercultural Student Services Visio Project
INTO OSU Program Visio  
IT Infrastructure Services Visio  
Memorial Union Visio Project
Nuclear Engineering Visio Project
Radiation Center Visio Project
Telecommunications Visio  
University Shared Services Enterprise Visio Project
Vice President of Research Visio Project
Wood Science & Engineering Visio Project
* Departments not covered for these add-ons, may purchase individual perpetual licenses from the OETC website. MFG SKU: D87-07313

MFG SKU: H30-05642