Items marked with * are required for large projects

Determine the Size of IT Projects

Used to determine the size of an IT project, and the people, responsibilities and project management required.

Recommended Activities by Project Size

This matrix outlines activities to be conducted for projects of varying sizes and whether those activities are required or optional.

Project Terminology

Terminology used in IT Projects at OSU.

Project Data Sheet (PDS)*

 Used to define the parameters (goals, resources, timeline, deliverables, etc.) of a project.

Project Framework

 Used to define responsibilities and logistics (who will do what, decision-making approach, reviewing expenses, communication, etc.) of a project.

Support and Communication Planning

 Used to assess support, training and communication needs and create plans from those needs

Simple Communication Plan

 Used to list to whom, when, how often and what you will communicate

Simple email Template for Status Updates

 Used for sound-bite email updates to stakeholders, sponsors and other interested parties

RACI Chart Template

For clarifying roles and responsibilities when multiple groups or organizations are involved

Project Completion Checklist

 Checklist of responsibilities, documentation and deliverables to confirm or assign when ready to close a project

Project Overview Presentation

 Powerpoint template for describing a project in progress

Sample Survey Questions for Project Retrospective Review

 Questions to ask when reviewing a project