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IT Security

Consulting and assessment.

IT Security promotes security best practices and coordinates responses to incidents counter to a secure information network.

Service Details

Additional information about IT Security, including pricing, security requirements and training documentation.

Charges & Fees

The cost or pricing structure to use this service.

There is no cost to consult IT Security.

Security Rating

The classification of data that can be stored or transmitted by this service.



What training is available for this service.

No training is necessary to consult Security. Guidelines to achieve better security standards can be found here:


Some services are only available to specific groups of people at OSU. These groups include students, employees, departments and associated groups.


This service is available to the following groups.

 Available for all students

 Available for all employees

 Available for all departments

 Available for all associated groups

Access Restrictions

If the service is only available to some members of a population, those restrictions are listed below.

OSU students, faculty or staff.