If the software you require in the classroom is not available on the computer in that classroom, please consult apps.oregonstate.edu to see if the software can be accessed online. If that software is not available, please submit the form below.

This software installation request form is for General Purpose classrooms only. Consult this list for applicable classrooms.

Installation Request - Fulfillment Steps & Requirements

  1. Complete the form below two (2) weeks prior to the time the software is needed.
  2. Deliver any software installation media or provide website information to download such media two (2) weeks prior to the time the software is needed. You must also provide:
    • Proof of valid licenses and number of licenses available for use
    • Installation documentation
  3. Software delivered with shorter lead time will result in a first-come, first-serve basis with an installation period of up to 2 weeks.
  4. Instructors will be notified when their software is installed and ready to test.
  5. Software installed in the classrooms should be tested at least 48 hours prior to their first class to make sure it is working according to their needs.
  6. While consultants can assist users with general computer problems and supported software, consultants will not be specifically trained in the usage of installed class software.

Installation Request Form

If it is a site license, please type in "Site"
Someone we could contact in case problems arise with the software
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