Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Carolyn Rothwell
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Deploy Zoom to replace OSU's existing video and web conferencing tool, Webex.

Status Summary: 

Zoom was successfully deployed as of 5/28/19.  Webex was retired as of 7/31/19.  Enhanced use with room systems was announced on 9/25, allowing IT groups to configure a one-touch to connect experience.  Zoom deployment is complete.  

Recently Completed: 
  • Zoom available with supporting portal website 5/28/19
  • Zoom launch announcement 5/31/19
  • Zoom training event 7/10/19
  • Webex service retirement 7/31/19
  • Zoom API Connector & Service Account to facilitate One Touch Connector (Cisco and Polycom units) 7/2/19
  • API Integration with Zoom to manage account deletions and renames 7/18/19
  • Exchange calendaring resources requirements and testing for Room Systems using One Touch Connector 8/2/19
  • Availability of One Touch Connector for Room Systems, referred to as the enhanced experience, announced to IT Groups 9/25/19
What's Next: 

Project is complete.