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Training Event Q&A

Q1 - My microphone is not being picked up for today’s meeting. Will I need it, or is there a way to call-in instead?
We are using webinar format today, so there is no outgoing audio or video for participants. As long as you can hear/see me then you are fine!

Q2 - why is chat "disabled" (is that on my end?)
We are using QA only (chat disabled) to have a single communication channel.

Q3 - can you have both an OSU profile and a personal profile for Zoom if we want to use it for non-OSU purposes? (I assume we would need our own subscription in that case) OSU will provide a single profile - you are correct you would need a separate subscription to have a personal profile

Q4 - My name shows up as Last, First.  I would like to change this to First Last
This is set through the OSU Login.  We can open a request to see if this can be changed to First Last.

Q5 - Can you just use your person PMI over and over? As though it's your only PMI.
 You can use it repeatably, your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) link will not expire.  Learn more here:

Q6 - So, a meeting I recently organized, the ID changed and so I had to send out the new number once in the meeting. I assume that this is because of the personal ID vs assigned number?
I am sorry you experienced that behavior and understand updating everyone with a different ID can create confusion, something we all hope is avoided.  Follow up with us at [email protected] and we would be happy to look into what happened in order to prevent it in the future. More details on meeting IDs and when they may expire are available here:

Q7 - Can you lock others out of your personal meeting space? If you want to meet with someone privately?
You can enable waiting room, so when you are ready you can enable that person into your meeting and lock it out to others.  Here is a more detailed document that will show you step by step instructions -

Q8 - so if I want to use the PMI, I send an email with the link to the person I want to meet with?
That is correct.  Additional information is available here:

Q9 - What is "Use Personal Meeting ID" in the meeting options?
Your Personal Meeting Room is a virtual meeting room permanently reserved for you that you can access with your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) or personal link - learn more here:

Q10 - How do I enable Zoom in Outlook? I cannot see it in my Outlook
The Outlook plug-in can be downloaded to add to Outlook - learn more and get the download here:

Q11 - Will you be covering Personal Audio Conferences?
This training focuses on the meeting feature.  Information pertaining to PAC is available: and

Q12 - So are you recommending that we also download the desktop version verses through the OSU Zoom site?
Both methods work, you can start, join and schedule meetings by visiting or through the app.  Zoom will automatically prompt to download the app if it is not already installed when you first join a meeting. Download the app by visiting

Q13 - Do I have to join a meeting to change my zoom settings?
Go to and click "login to Zoom" to change your settings using the Zoom web application

Q14 - Which link at is the desktop application? I don't see anything that says desktop on that page
The first link, Zoom Client for Meetings

Q15 - What is the OSU company domain, for downloading the app and Outlook plug-in?
When prompted for a domain, type: oregonstate

Q16 - Is there a setting in the audio conference that allows the host to know when a participant has joined or left the meeting?
Zoom has a chime options that can be enabled to play upon enter or exit.  You can set the chime to be heard by hosts only or everyone.  See more:

Q17 - Is there a way to have a sound notification when someone has joined?  We have a weekly meeting involving people in 7-8 different places around the country and it is helpful to know when someone else has joined to acknowledge who might have joined after we start. has a helpful article highlighting the chime options:

Q18 - Can we set up a meeting so that anyone can start screen sharing without the current presenter stopping their own sharing.  This was possible in WebEx
Zoom provides the ability for multiple participants to share their screens simultaneously during a meeting.  See:

Q19 - Can we import additional virtual backgrounds?
Yes, in the settings, under Virtual backgrounds there is a GRAY “+” icon that lets you add additional images.

Q20 - Can we record directly to
Yes, currently we have it configured so that if you “record to the cloud” it will process and then appear in The processing of the meeting can take up to 24 hours.

Q21 - Does someone have to be a co-host in order for them to share their screen?
They do not have to be a co-host to share their screen (unless disabled by the host).

Q22 - Can we designate alternate hosts ahead of time, when setting up a meeting?
Yes, you can pre-schedule Zoom meetings, designating 1 or multiple alternate hosts... Keep in mind that you have to use [email protected] to schedule alternate hosts.  See:

Additionally, OSU’s Zoom is configured by default to allow OSU members to join before the host, which means a meeting can take place without the host being present for meetings with OSU members.

Q23 - Can we run multiple Zoom meetings at once?
Zoom does not allow a user to host multiple meetings at the same time, see:

Q24 - Do recordings include chat box text or Q/A text?
Yes, those are options that can be enabled under your zoom profile.  You can locate those features by going to SETTINGS > click the RECORDING tab.  Please give us a call if you need assistance with this at 541-737-8721. Thanks!

Q25 - Will OSU students have access to use Zoom, and be Zoom hosts (if I want to designate a student to host a Zoom meeting on my behalf)?
Yes, students have access to Zoom with the same Zoom Pro account available for faculty and staff and login through the same site.

Q26 - Window light is a factor with my video because of how my desk sits. I look like a shadow. Closing blinds helps some. Would using the background feature help with that?
That’s a great question and something I’ve experienced before. Unfortunately, I do not think the background feature will help correct this. One thing I do that sometimes helps the camera auto-adjust is while I am showing as a shadow, I cover the camera for about 3-5 seconds with my thumb and then move it away. Usually the camera will automatically refocus/adjust the brightness balance. Please email us at [email protected] if you have additional questions pertaining to this question.

Q27 - If you are broadcasting a seminar or defense can you hide the menu bar at the top of the sharing screen so that folks in the actual room don't see it on the projector screen?
The menu bar will display for the meeting hosts, but not the attendees joining via Zoom.  If there are attendees in the room and you would like to hide the top menu bar from their view, I would suggest trying the Full Screen Mode:

Q26 - Can you list someone else as a host?
Yes, here is some OSU help documentation on leveraging this feature.

Q28 - It tells me that my user name or password is in correct.  Does that mean I don't have admin capabilities on my computer?
If this when you are installing the desktop app, contact your local IT support group for assistance.

Q29 - Will this be integrated with our video conferencing systems?
Yes, you can bring in a video conferencing system into a Zoom meeting.  Here are instructions:

Q30 - Are there charges for long-distance call-ins?
By default users do not have access to toll-free with Zoom. If you need access to toll-free there could be a per minute per participant charge that is passed onto the user. Please email us at [email protected] for additional questions or to sign up.

Q31 - Can delegate access be granted for instance if I support two or more people and need to schedule meetings at the same time without them setting up the meeting?
Yes, please visit the faqs located here >
Look for "How do I allow someone to schedule meetings on my behalf?"

Q32 -Does sound come through when you show a video?
To share computer audio such as YouTube, Pandora, etc. during screen sharing, click on Share Computer Sound – see:

Q33 - For our meetings we usually just use a set link (the PMI). Is there a benefit to setting up a meeting with the automatically assigned link?
Your PMI has a static ID number and a link that never expires, making it easy for people quickly join your meeting.  However, because it is always accessible with the same Meeting ID and personal link, it should not be used for back-to-back meetings or people you do not meet with regularly. Once a participant has the link to your PMI, they can join it at any time the meeting is in use, unless you lock the meeting or use the Waiting Room feature to admit participants individually.

Q34 - Does our license support an "office" account where multiple users from the same org could sign in and manage?
The accounts require login via SSO, so they have to be tied to individual ONID accounts, eliminating the ability to have a general/office account.

Q35 - Are there any time limits on meetings or recordings?
There is a time limit of 24 Hours for a single meeting duration.

Q36 - Are we able to use a polling feature in both webinars and meetings?
Yes, polling is available in both meetings and webinars. Polling articles linked below: