Media Services

Media Services offers many options for your production needs, both in and out of the classroom.  These include (video and/or audio) recording, videoconferencing, broadcast connections to networks worldwide, and studio productions.  Media Services produces media and instructional materials for media outlets, web applications, or recorded formats. For your event needs, Media Services offers presentation support and live streaming.

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Event Production

Delivering your message in person and worldwide with Media Services staffing, equipment, and facilities.

Event Production


Academic Course Production

Connect with your students with Media Services staff, facilities, and equipment through course recordings and distance education.

Academic Course Production


Web Collaboration & Videoconferencing

Collaborate worldwide while Media Services provides staff, facilities, and equipment for your meetings, trainings, and courses.

Collaboration & Videoconferencing


Broadcast Productions

Providing technical solutions and connections linking the OSU community with broadcasters worldwide.

Broadcast Productions



Promotional Production

Create your campaign with Media Services staff, facilities and equipment.

Promotional Production


Keep Teaching Assistant

Faculty and Instructors may request a TechKTA to support course sections delivered in remote and blended modalities, so that they may focus on content and delivery.



Student Multimedia SERVICES

Providing multimedia facilities, equipment, and technical support for students producing and presenting academic work.

Student Multimedia Services


Consultations & Training

Meet with Media Services staff to identify solutions for your media needs. Review how to use Zoom tools, best practices for recording, and prepare for hosting remote events.

Consults & Training


Faculty Media Center

DIY media studios, consulting and technical support for faculty and staff producing teaching and training materials.

Faculty Media Center

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LINC, Oregon State University's Learning Innovation Center, is home to the University Honors College (UHC) and the Integrated Learning Resource Center (ILRC) which co-locates the Center for Teaching and Learning and Academic Technology, including Classroom Technology Services, Learning Platform Services, Media Services, and Technical Services, creating a dynamic teaching and learning support center for OSU faculty and students.

The four-story, 134,000 sq. ft. building features 15 new classrooms with 2,300 seats of formal teaching space and 640 seats of student-directed informal learning space. LINC introduces new styles of learning spaces that support collaboration and student participation, including Parliament and "In-the-Round" classroom designs.

Both UHC and ILRC are located on the 4th floor of the building.  Enjoy sweeping views of the campus and mountain ranges while relaxing in one of the many informal learning spaces scatted throughout the cooridors.  Staff and Faculty will find a quiet respite in the Faculty Lounge, room 468.  The Faculty Lounge includes white boards, two large display monitors with laptop connections, CTL library, relaxed seating, and even a sink and counter for meals.  Stop by between classes to prep or just relax.